Robert Smith is the Cure. Without Robert Smith there is no Cure. I think he is one of the greatest poets of this musical generation. I don't know of a lyricist who paints the sort of pictures that he does with his words. He's a romantic, in one song he can describe love in the way that I wish it to be, like wings, like sugar, like kisses. But like all romantics, it's not all about roses and chocolate; love hurts sometimes, sometimes it hurts so much that you feel sick deep inside. At times he has insight into how it feels to be caught in the mixed up emotions that are life. Joy and pain, living side by side. From elation to deflation. Which is one of the reasons why I like listening to the Cure. It strikes a chord in me, particularly when I feel the need to go to an emotional extreme. Whether I bounce to "Just Like Heaven" or brood over "Pictures of You" there is something satisfying about it. The Cure also have some beautiful melodies to compliment his words. It's mood music. My favorite album is "Disintegration", but there are others that I recommend highly. "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" is a journey inside out, with anger and love and hope and sorrow. The Head on the Door is really good and they have two best of Albums as well: "Staring at the Sea" and "Galore". I don't have all of their albums but I do have a  good size collection of odds and ends.

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