This section is devoted to the music that I listen to. I'm a collector. Always have been, always will be. Everything in this site is from my personal collection. It is not meant to be an all inclusive site for every album. But there is a sufficient amount of content, that you may not have seen before.

I recommend taking the U2 tour, even if your interest in U2 is minimal, I think the tour is interesting for all music fans.

The Radiohead and James sections have been upgraded. It's part of an ongoing effort to avoid embarrassment. I'll delete the diary next to remove all doubt.

"Do you think it's healthy to obsessively collect things? You can't connect with other people, so you fill your life with stuff. You're just like all the rest of those pathetic collector losers." - Steve Buscemi in Ghost World (He collected old 78 records, among other things)